Work out or wind down

Fighting fit
To the rear of the pool, you’ll see our well-equipped gym with cardio-vascular equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes, fixed resistance machines and the space to lift free weights. It’s possible to book sessions with a personal trainer and you’ll find the atmosphere to be relaxed and informal.

Opening hours:
7.00 am – 9.00 pm weekdays
8.00 am – 8.00 pm weekends

(Adult only swimming from 7pm each evening)

Complimentary towels available for hotel residents.


Yoga & Pilates Combined
(for all levels)

Wednesday Evenings

At the Leisure Centre at the Swan Hotel at 5.30pm-7.00pm
£4.50 for members & residents, £6.50 for non members

Pilates Based Exercises
Classical Pilates exercises modified to some degree by Ishwara to promote :-

Internal strength
Development of Control and coordination of physical body
Development of the utilisation of Pelvic Floor body
Promotion of strengthening of the deep centre of the body

Yoga Asana & Pranayama
Classical Yoga to develop :-

Increase in circulation throughout the body
Balance of Endocrine system
Transformation of energy from restless tiredness to calm vital awareness
Stillness of Mind
Tapping into infinite energy resource at Solar Plexus
Management and removal of pain


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